April 2, 2014
The Importance of PCB Assembly & Conformal Coating

The Importance of PCB Assembly & Conformal Coating

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Summary: PCBs have become an essential part of the electronic device manufacturing industry. The PCB assembly process is based on high precision manufacturing. Read the following write up to know why PCBs are so important.

The Printed Circuit Board Assembly is a method of connecting various electronic components to a circuit board in order to make a fully functional assembly. The electric signals are made to pass through the etchings in copper sheets which are laminated and acts as non conducting substrate.

The process of assembling them has to be very precise. In the event that one fails to follow any of the steps the end results can be disastrous. You will end up with faulty PCBs with two types of faults, ‘short’ or ‘open’. There are two ways of assembling these circuit boards

  • In the through-hole process PCB components are inserted into holes previously made on the boards.

  • The second process is called the surface mount process. In this process the components are placed and molded on the external surface.

Both these processes require the components be fixed mechanically and electrically on the board with the help of soldering metals. The soldering process is followed by PCB conformal coating or resin encapsulation. This step is essential because it has to work in many contaminated environments. The coating or encapsulation ensures unobstructed system performance by providing mechanical protection and electrical insulation. The ease of the coating process is an added advantage. Plus the thin coating aids the miniaturization and portability of electronic devices.

PCB’s have become more important now than ever before, because of the following fundamental properties

  • It lends mechanical support to the electronic devices.

  • It connects the components to each other internally. And enables electronics to interact with the user through input/output connections.

  • Aids heat transfer inside the device.

  • Provides electromagnetic shielding and so on.

Since the PCB plays such an important role in so many electronic devices majority of the electronic manufacturers are now incorporating them in their designs. But because of its precise nature of the assembly process it is a costly affair. It needs an entire assembly set up during the manufacturing processes. In order to surpass this step most companies are now outsourcing this step to Subcontract Electronic Manufacturing companies.

These companies specialize in manufacturing PCB assemblies. They have experienced engineers under their belt are adept in these processes. These Sub Contract PCB Assembly manufacturers not only assemble these circuit boards they can also design them as per the clients request. Apart from assembling they provide other services like testing manufactured devices and fixing faulty ones.

Hiring one of these Subcontract Electronic Manufacturing companies is quite beneficial because

  • It cuts down the need for setting up a PCB production line.

  • Helps to keep you focused on the development of the devices design without worrying about the assembly design.

  • You get to invest the money that you saved on other aspects of the electronic device.

  • Lastly these Sub Contract PCB Assembly companies have more experience in this field. They have way more technologically advanced engineers and team members.

Thus if you own a small or medium sized electronic device manufacturing companies and hope to expand your horizons go for these PCB assemblies. And don’t forget to hire a veteran contractual manufacturer.

To know more about conformal coating and subcontract electronic assembly logon to http://www.dferrantielectronics.co.uk/.

Bio: As an electrical & electronics engineer of early 80′s, William Robert met with lots of experiences in this Field with various companies & specially related to Circuit manufacturing and technology. Now with Expertise of all these years of, he wants to make People aware of PCB manufacturing. In this article Mr. Robert is sharing his experience about PCB assembly & PCB conformal coating.

March 5, 2014
The New Technology Addition to the Education Industry

The New Technology Addition to the Education Industry

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According to a recent report by Edtech, 350,000 textbooks were downloaded from Apple’s iBook within the first three days of its launch. In the recent years, technology has been used more extensively to induce education in schools, colleges, and institutions. iPads, Netbooks, e-readers, and PDAs are providing teachers and students a supplemental alternative to classroom education. With the advent of Smartphones, more and more students/teachers are taking advantage of mobile based learning.

Another survey by Ed-tech revealed that 53% of college students own a smartphone. So it’s not surprising that mobile learning is getting rapidly popular among students. Reading and learning through mobile devices is fun and interesting to the students. By utilizing the potential of the smartphone platform, teachers can provide them with illustrative examples and instances from real world situations. Especially, smartphone technology has proved to be of great help in imparting language learning.

February 26, 2014
A Closer Look at Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C

A Closer Look at Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C

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Apple has launched two new handset recently iPhone 5s and 5c. The iPhone 5s is the higher-end model, and both the handsets are not very different from one another since both the devices are Apple A6 processors, 4in Retina displays and run the OS 7 mobile operating system. Yet, we are comparing these two iphones in size, Colors, etc.


February 18, 2014


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Every business in any particular industry will always need a business phone system. Phone systems have always played a big role in ensuring the smooth running of any business.Communicating through telephone allows people to talk in real time and therefore enabling them to handle customers issues almost immediately.
Choosing phone systems for a small business can at times be very confusing given that phone systems are available in a wide range of choices each with different features. It is therefore difficult to know which phone system best suits your business.However there are guidelines which can help you make the correct decision when you need to procure a phone system for your business..

February 15, 2014
Top Electronic Revolutionizing Cool Gadgets That Ease Our Daily Routine

Top Electronic Revolutionizing Cool Gadgets That Ease Our Daily Routine

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Walking through every step of life has the involvement of some kind of cool gizmo, even while not our own data. as an example, the company world nowadays is therefore enthusiastic about a pc even for straightforward tasks; folks nowadays rely upon a calculator even for straightforward calculations. The handy appliances have created everything happen at a quicker pace; right from house works to job work.

January 19, 2014
Performing your website thorugh On-Page programme improvement

Performing your website thorugh On-Page programme improvement

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To sufficiently get this task out-of-the-way it’s extremely suggested that you just apply most of the on page SEO whereas your website is within the early stages of construction. If the person building the web site has expertise with SEO then which will fix lots of issues that you just would possibly meet within the future. you’ll be able to avoid consulting an organization regarding why your web site is not developing in search results for the proper key terms. you’ll be able to fix this drawback within the starting with a couple of key steps to strengthen your SEO foundation.

January 18, 2014
Top five options And advantages Of worker programming computer code

Top five options And advantages Of worker programming computer code

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Every manager and top executive is continually challenged by the necessity to enhance their staff potency. The key to achieving optimum worker potency is effective designing and programming thus everything is finished in time and no deadlines or events area unit lost. several organizations either ignore the wonders of coming up with staff or use less economical strategies that need right smart sprucing. whereas additional practical alternatives area unit on the market, several organizations still use programming tools that embody informal hand written planners or stand out sheets.

October 29, 2013
Guest Blogging for web promoting - Got 'Writer's Block?'

Guest Blogging for web promoting – Got ‘Writer’s Block?’

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Writer’s block appears to be additional of a difficulty of an absence of concepts on what to jot down concerning than the particular inability to jot down. particularly once somebody is new and that they cannot in truth say however successful  they need been nonetheless, individuals can generally feel they need nothing to mention. there’s additionally most data they’re being barraged with and it makes them want they do not understand something. These square measure simply temporary obstacles if someone very needs to jot down.