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Basketball - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Basketball is a team sport where one team, usually consisting of five players on each team, play against each other on a rectangular court. The objective is to get the ball through a hoop mounted high on a backboard on the opponent's side of the court, while preventing the opponent from shooting it into your team's hoop. It is a very popular sport worldwide, played with a round and usually orange ball that bounces. Basketball players mainly use skills such as dribbling, shooting, running, and ju

Basketball Basics - The Rules, Concepts, Definitions, and ...

Basketball is a team sport. Two teams of five players each try to score by shooting a ball through a hoop elevated 10 feet above the ground. The game is played on a rectangular floor called the court, and there is a hoop at each end. The court is divided into two main sections by the mid-court line.

The Basic Rules of Basketball | Basketball - YouTube

In this video, you will learn the basic rules of basketball that you'll need to know in a game situation.This is the very first video in our series of Basket...

Physiologic Profile of Basketball Athletes

Basketball combines a variety of individual and collective skills that are executed in the context of competitive play. Ideal physique and physiology are not sufficient for excellence in basketball. 15 However, understanding these components and using this knowledge to create training and nutrition plans can benefit athletes of all skill levels. While strength, power and agility may predict success in basketball, the sport does have an endurance component and the aerobic and anaerobic ...

Basketball (ball) - Wikipedia

Basketball (ball) A basketball is a spherical ball used in basketball games. Basketballs usually range in size from very small promotional items that are only a few inches (some centimeters) in diameter to extra large balls nearly 2 feet (60 cm) in diameter used in training exercises. For example, a youth basketball could be 27 inches (69 cm ...

Glossary of basketball terms - Wikipedia

This glossary of basketball terms is a list of definitions of terms used in the game of basketball.Like any other major sport, basketball features its own extensive vocabulary of unique words and phrases used by players, coaches, sports journalists, commentators, and fans.

English-Spanish Basketball Glossary - ThoughtCo

Since its origins in late-18th-century Massachusetts, basketball has become an international sport. It continues to be dominated by the United States, however, so it shouldn't be surprising that much of the Spanish-language vocabulary of the game comes from English.

Why Do Basketball Shooters Put Spin On The Ball?

This is a variant of basketball using weird backboards where you have to bank the ball off one or more boards before it goes into the basket. ... but a matter of friction when the ball hits a ...

Former Mizzou guard Kim English takes over at George Mason ...

Missouri Tigers guard Kim English (24) celebrates at the end of an NCAA college basketball game in the Big 12 Championship tournament in Kansas City, Mo., Saturday, March 10, 2012.