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Urban Dictionary: soccer

Get a soccer mug for your Uncle Jerry. ... An old British nickname for Football,NOT an American one.It comes from the phrase Association ...

Urban Dictionary: hack

A clever routine in a computer program, especially one which uses tools for purposes other than those for which they were intended, might be considered a hack.

Urban Dictionary: crack up

"Yo, Crack up, .". by September 04, 2003. ... Get a crack up mug for your dog Jerry.

Urban Dictionary: crash

It turns out leadership of these CRASH teams became corrupt, and even the most decorated officers were guilty of killing other ...

Urban Dictionary: Nugget

Duh H) A word with multiple definitions of the Urban Dictionary, in which this defintion has been compiled from all the other definitions by a sad guy with nothing better to do with his time.

Urban Dictionary: rock

Crack. Mixture of cocaine and baking soda. Final product is broken up into small cubes or "rocks" and smoked.

Urban Dictionary: sport

Soccer is a sport in which points are scored by kicking a ball into the opposing team's goal.

Urban Dictionary: whip

an urban slang term used predominately to refer to cooking dope(ie.

Urban Dictionary: meta

In real life changes to gamerules are usually to make the game more interesting (soccer rules change for offside, usage of time compensation in some courses)

Urban Dictionary: Boomer

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