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Basically, the execution of the smash has some similarities to the serve. Just like the serve, you stand to the side of the ball. In addition, you hold the racket in the well-known “Continental grip”. One difference between the two shots is that you often have to hit the ball in a backward motion.

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👉 Let’s take a look at a few alternative approaches to shaping the continental grip: #1. Shake Hands with Your Racket Holding the ball out in front of you and reaching out to shake hands with the tennis... #2. Hold the Racket in Your Hand like a Hammer Another common idea is to keep the racket like ...

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Use the Continental Grip. Since an overhead smash shot in tennis is similar to a serve, you want to use the same grip on the racket as you would on a serve. Start out with a continental grip since this will best position the racket head during the motion of the stroke.

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The semi-wester grip falls neatly between the eastern and western and has become the most common forehand tennis grip in modern tennis because it allows for excellent topspin and quick grip changes. In the 90s and into the new millennium, players like Andre Agassi and Martina Hingis put the semi-western grip to work.

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The grip used for a tennis smash is usually a continental grip although some players use an Eastern grip. The swing is an upward throwing motion, making the execution of the shot almost identical to a serve. The main difference from a serve is position and footwork.

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Extend your non-dominant arm away from your body and keep the handle again just in front of your right arm. Extend the right arm and comfortably and naturally grip the racquet handle. You will very likely hold the racquet now with an Eastern one-handed backhand grip. Eastern backhand grip from top view.

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