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Injury Abdominal Muscle Strain - International Tennis Federation

may also be injured. Abdominal muscular strains are a common occurrence for tennis players at all levels. The tennis serve is the movement which involves the highest risk of sustaining an abdominal muscle strain. Just before making the stroke, whilst bending back during the cocking phase, the abdominal muscles are under a great deal of tension.

Injury Calf Muscle Strain - International Tennis Federation | ITF

CALF MUSCLE STRAIN CALF MUSCLE STRAIN Diagnosis ‘Tennis leg’ is an incomplete rupture of the inside of the calf muscle (Figure 1 and 1a). It is a typical tennis injury that often occurs in players in the 35 to 50 age group. This muscle injury may occur as a result of a sudden contraction of the calf muscles, for instance during a sprint.

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Common Types of Tennis Injuries. Here’s a closer look at a few common injury types, the famous tennis players who have experienced them, and how you can prevent injury in your own play. Arm and Shoulder Injuries. Wrist strains, fractures, and carpal tunnel syndrome are all common among tennis players.

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Abdominal and Groin Injuries. Abdominal muscle strain is one of the most common injuries related specifically to tennis players because the abdominal musculature plays a significant role in the service motion. 40 These debilitating injuries can give rise to prolonged periods of discomfort and withdrawal from competition due to the athlete’s inability to serve effectively.

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Ankle Sprains. It is very common for tennis players to suffer from ankle sprains. Because tennis can be a fast-paced game, a sudden sideways motion can cause the ankle to twist, stretching out or damaging one of the ligaments in the ankle. A sprain can cause pain, stiffness, and swelling in the ankle.

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Tennis can cause stress fractures in the back because of the extension movements required to serve the ball, and to bend and rotate as you play. These movements put stress on your spine. Prevention: Working with a tennis instructor to improve your technique will help prevent back problems.

Common Wrist Injuries in Tennis Players

Ulnar-sided wrist pain is the most common complaint of tennis players. The pain can be localized to the side of the wrist or in the palm, and it can present with a variety of symptoms ranging from clicking to pain.

Groin Injury Prevention for Tennis Athletes - TennisPrehabLab

In fact, some reports suggest as much as 67% of all tennis injuries are lower extremity related (1). More specifically, adductor (groin) strains are listed as one of the most frequent injuries in elite junior tennis players (2,3). Adductor strains occur during movements involving quick acceleration or rapid change of direction when paired with extreme hip abduction, such as split type movements in which the leg moves away from the body, or also large hip external rotation.

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